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Answers to the most common Questions.

Hopefully the most commonly asked questions will be covered here. Just click on the question for the answer. Anything not covered, don't hesitate to ask us on our general inquiries page. However, we no longer hire out boats.

1. What deposit would I have to put down ...?

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. That is all you need to pay until you pick up the boat. At that time you would pay the balance of the hire charge and we also require a $1,000 bond which is refundable when you return as long as you have not damaged our boat.

2.Can I take the boat anywhere in NZ ...?

No. When a boat is in survey the areas it can operate in are set out by Maritime NZ We are based in Kawakawa Bay just east of Clevedon and most of our clients launch from there as we believe the fishing and beaches in the area are second to none. However other areas are available to us so we would discuss with you if you wish to travel further afield.

3. How much boating experience do I need ...?

For your safety and the safety of your crew and others on the water you must have boating experience. We will teach you how to operate the boat and familiarize you with the operation areas but there will be a charge for this and we need to discuss this well prior to the day of hire. I have a skippers ticket and can help you or I will direct you to some great courses run by Coastguard.

4. Do you accept credit cards or do I have to arrive with cash for the hire and bond ...?

Yes we take Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS on site and for bookings we can take your credit card details over the phone. The bond can also be paid by EFTPOS and refunded to your account on return.

5. What safety gear do you have, or do I bring personal gear like lifejackets etc ...?

All you bring with you is your fishing gear and a smile. If you let me know in advance I can arrange fishing gear and bait.(you would buy this at cost) The boat is already equipped with all the safety equipment and lifejackets etc.

6. Apart from the hirage, what extras will I have to pay for ...?

Fuel is your only extra cost and the boats are equipped with Evinrude E-TEC engines which are more economical to run than any other motors, so this is not a biggy.

7. What navigation gear is on board ...?

Depending on what boat you hire. They all have a VHF and some are equipped with a GPS plotter to find your best fishing spots.

8. What if I have a major accident...?

We are insured for expensive damage to our boat and other people’s property but only over $1000. It is unlikely you will have need of this insurance if you use normal common sense and caution. You would be liable for this first $1000 in the event of an accident but we would also need to be happy with your ability before we would hire the boat to you.

9. What happens if I book and then the weather turns to pooh ...?

We also have a concern if the weather turns nasty or even unpleasant. We would not let you go out if we think it's unsafe. We would simply transfer your booking to another day. It’s very much in our interest to make sure that you have a great day. We believe in return customers.

10. Will you take the boat to a launching ramp for me and pick it up later ...?

Normally we can take the boat to Kawakawa Bay and pick it up later. This will depend on bookings and needs to be booked prior to hire. This is done at a nominal charge, but if you required the boat elsewhere this would need to be negotiated on an hourly rate.

11. What crew can the boat carry ...?

The smaller boats carry 4 people and the larger 5 people. We are looking into a larger boat for the bigger party.

12. Years ago outboards where not that reliable, will I get out there and have problems ...?

Generally outboards are very reliable and what problems they have are man made by not servicing etc. We have gone a stage further at Leisure Boats by electing to fit Evinrude E-TEC engines. These engines I guarantee will start before you let the key turn back. Yes they are a little more expensive than the others but when it comes to my customers safety and enjoyment, I am not willing to compromise.

13. How can I find out what the weather is going to do ...?

Here is a free link to the Auckland Met service. This will give you the up to date weather conditions and the outlook for Auckland.

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