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Safe Boating Checklist Page:

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General Checklist:

  • Check tow coupling is secured properly, safety chain on and wheel nuts are tight.

  • Visually check around the trailer. Current W.O.F?

  • Motor in up position and travel bar in position.

  • Life Jackets and safety gear for all persons on board.

  • Fuel tank & reserve can full.

  • VHF radio and or cell-phone aboard.

  • Flares.

  • Tell someone your approximate time of return and number of people on board.

Check list after boating:

  • Report your safe arrival to the person you advised prior.

  • Flush Outboard Motor with fresh water (see your motor guide).

  • Wash down hull with fresh water and mild detergent to remove dried salt deposits.

  • Stains and marks on paintwork can be removed with polish.

  • Remove all wet upholstery where possible and dry out thoroughly.

  • Ensure boat is stored in bow up position if outside to allow adequate draining.

  • Remove main Bung at transom lower (main Drain).

  • Periodically check all other inside drain bungs for water ingress.


  • Check trailer over regularly, Always wash down after salt-water use.

  • At least annually remove and check Wheel Bearings and repack with Marine Grease.


  • The anodes on the lower Transom should be checked once a year, removed and cleaned to give good contact with the Hull (Where fitted). Also don't forget the anodes on your outboard.


  • Check Bullhorn Nuts & Main bolt and Locknut to motor.

  • Check for Oil leaks and check oil level.

  • Do not tighten Block Hose brass nuts if oil is leaking, instead contact our workshop directly.


  • Before fitting any accessories please check with us to make sure that it is suitable and in the correct position so as not to void your Warranty or damage your investment.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any query, we are always happy to assist in any way we can.

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